This was an interesting exercise. You’re so right that when we are young we choose professions based on some idea of what we want, only to realize that that idea is better served elsewhere!

I wanted to be a Broadway actress. But it’s because I’m after “mastery” of a craft. Once I took a look at the craft I could devote my life to and master, writing was a much better fit!

And “autonomy” (so that I have the time/freedom to write) and then “wealth” (so that my basic needs are always taken care of and I can devote myself to writing) are the natural building blocks that allow me to pursue mastery.

My life is definitely set up that way now. And I loved thinking about my career this way. Thank you!

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Hi Nick, great insights! In addition to focusing on the why, I think another important side is simply what you like to do. It sounds like you wanted to BE a screenwriter, but didn't necessarily like DOING the day-to-day tasks of a screenwriter. To put it a different way - you might want to be a chef, and being a chef might align with your values, but if you don't like cooking it probably won't work out for you. Maybe sometimes "what do I like to do?" is a more helpful question than "what do I want to be?"

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