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Great post. Rise of the Culture Beacon section really resonated with me.

For those in a hybrid environment, employees are seeking to enjoy the social in office part of work. Individuals who shape an enjoyable, fun work environment have a force multiplier effect - a positive impact on employee retention.

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This is a great post. I think I would agree with most of these trends but we'll see!

On the end of the goldilocks economy, I could see it counterintuitively going the other way. We've had a 10 year bull run where lots of people have gotten pretty wealthy in tech, but layoffs and a recession have derailed that career. Most will certainly just focus on keeping their job, but I think we could see a huge cohort of those people using this as an impetus to finally go about it on their own, whether in the creator economy or consulting and contracting.

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I'd be a bit careful about the burnout prediction. Working long hours is the strongest predictor of burnout, regardless of work context. Burnout is also not defined in the social context. It is chronic workplace stress that has been unsuccessfully managed. It's characterized by a decrease in engagement, energy, and an increase in cynicism. It's most often caused by a desire to increase productivity by working long hours.

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